Test: Tesvor S6 Turbo – vacuum / mopping robot

The Tesvor S6 Turbo offers an intelligent navigation system, easy setup and good cleaning results.

In addition to a camera-controlled (SLAM), the Tesvor S6 Turbo also uses a 360-degree laser navigation system (Lidar) to create the 3D map of the cleaning area. The map can be accessed via the associated Weback app; You can also use them to send the vacuum cleaner to a certain position or set up a “prohibited zone” into which the S6 Turbo will not penetrate.

The included remote control enables point cleaning and you can control the device manually using the navigation buttons. The configuration of the S6 Turbo was carried out quickly: We couple the vacuum cleaner and the app via a QR code, to connect to the WLAN, we press a button on the device and follow the assistant in the app.

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The S6 Turbo is factory-fitted with the dust container, which is very easy to empty. For wiping, we swap the dust container for the water container, which has a small dust collecting tray integrated. The S6 Turbo masters both cleaning methods very well; Above all, the selective cleaning and manual control help with coarse soiling.

The battery lasts for about two hours. If the device runs out of power, it automatically returns to the charging station and then continues cleaning. You can also send the vacuum cleaner back to the power source via app, remote control or directly on the device.

A skill for Alexa and the Home Assistant is also available; the voice control worked perfectly in the test, but you can currently only switch the vacuum cleaner on and off with it.


A slightly tall vacuum / mopping robot with a great navigation system that is very easy and flexible to use.

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Very good navigation system, cleaning agent in the water tank possible, also vacuum carpets


A bit high due to lidar

Technical specifications

Suction power

4000 Pa


Dust container / water tank 600 ml / approx. 350 ml (plus dust bowl)


Remote control, app, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant

Max. Threshold height

18 millimeters


WiFi 2.4 GHz

battery pack

5200 mAh

navigation system

Lidar, SLAM

scope of delivery

Main brush, 2 side brushes, 2 replacement brushes, 2 microfiber cloths, replacement filter, cleaning brush with cutter

Mass weight

33 x 10.1 centimeters / 3298 grams

Price (RRP)

399 euros


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