Tested: The LG Wing is the strangest phone of 2020

LG has been loss-making for years as a smartphone manufacturer. Samsung leaves nothing to its Korean rival and the Chinese brands are also busy. LG made great phones, but they often went unnoticed and lacked a unique selling point. Or the unique features that LG came up with were not relevant enough for the consumer. Is that different with this new LG Wing?

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Rotate for the second screen

LG has had phones for a while that you can provide with a case with a second screen and those screens then work together. It is the answer to the foldable phones from Huawei, Samsung and Motorola. The Wing is something completely different. This phone has a 6.8 ”OLED screen (1080×2460 pixels), but you can turn that screen a quarter turn, after which a 3.9” screen (1080×1240 pixels) appears underneath.

The LG Wing does not have the fastest chip with the Snapdragon 765G and the device has 128 or 256 GB on board. The battery is quite small at 4000 mAh, especially because of those two screens. The price is currently 999 euros.

Does it work well?

You can operate a separate app on the extra screen, but you can also use it as a remote control, keyboard or controller of a game. The device impresses, both positively and negatively, but above all as a device with which LG shows the guts to try something different. You notice from everything that there is love in this from the Korean LG developers, because the device is solidly built. The idea behind it is also good, but it is not yet implemented. It still has many bugs. Given the hefty price, the Wing will probably not appeal to many people. Certainly because it does not have the best cameras on board and not the fastest processor.

In addition, the vast majority of apps do not support this form factor. Only a few apps use that second screen and the rest won’t support it either, unless this device becomes a monster hit. This seems primarily a device for collectors. But it is special.

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