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Tested: these are the best sausages! | Lifestyle

Cocktail or party sausages, (very tasty between a piece of puff pastry) are of course just small sausages for a drink.

But where do those frankfurters come from? It would seem that she’s famous Frankfurter Würstchen are derived from Germany. The name has been used for sausages made in that region since 1860. Since 1929 they can only be called that if they actually come from the Frankfurt am Main area.

Originally, the “crack” of the frankfurters is caused by the use of sheep gut. In the meantime, this usually only applies to the fresh and traditional varieties; most canned frankfurters are no longer coated with casing, and neither are party or cocktail sausages. The party sausages often consist of a combination of normal meat and so-called “mechanically separated meat”; Collected meat residues left on the bones of pigs, cattle or chickens after slaughter. It is a good thing that this fact was not shared during the test, otherwise colleagues might have dropped out … De Drie Eiken from Aldi (“Unpleasant smell, exterior, looks like plastic”) immediately fell off. This also applied to 1 de Beste, the Dirk / Dekamarkt house brand (“Wrinkly sausages, taste nothing like”). Those who did it well were Albert Heijn, G’Woon (the house brand of Vomar and Coop, among others), Unox and Jumbo. Although there was quite a laugh about the “lean” version of Jumbo and Unox. “What nonsense, if you sin, just do it right!”


The cocktail sausages from G’Live (private label Vomar / Coop / Boni / Deen) complete the top 5. “Slightly firmer and also more smoky taste.” “It’s delicious with a little mustard.”

€ 1.42 per 400 grams


Although there was a giggly reaction to the meager version of Jumbo, the taste was not inferior to the “fatter” competitors! “Who eats lean sausage now?” “Don’t taste a whole lot of difference.” “Good taste.”

€ 1.69 per 400 grams


Unox has to make do with third place. “Smells good, this is what you expect.” “They are slightly darker than the others.” “Unknowingly, put another one in my mouth.”

€ 2.39 per 400 grams


A deserving second place for the cocktail sausages from Albert Heijn. “What a witty ‘barbecue strip’.” Well flavored. They are also slightly bigger than the others. ”

€ 1.89 per 400 grams


It was close, but Jumbo got hands together just a little more often than AH. “A lot of flavor.” “I suddenly have that festival feeling, nibble against the hangover.”

€ 1.83 per 400 grams


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