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Tested: these are the tastiest speculaas chunks | Culinary

It is of course asking for misery if you take a critical look at this product that is sold in supermarkets after a national speculaas crumb test with only confectioners. But maybe we would be surprised.

Speculaas was not always called speculaas. It is said to have been called Klaaskoek before the 19th century, a reference to the Saint Nicholas depicted on the cookie. And worshiping saints was taboo in Protestant circles …

Why the word speculaas? The most common explanation is the Latin word speculum (mirror) because a gingerbread man is the mirror image of the print on the biscuit shelf with which it was formed. Most supers no longer have that doll and skirt shape. Only at Albert Heijn we found a skirt-shaped chunk: one of the few with almonds.

Then the test. Where has the butter gone? All manufacturers use cheaper vegetable oils for their chunks, unfortunately often also palm oil. You can taste that. The identical dark chunks of Vomar and Dirk / Delamarkt were the first to drop out, where it was suspected that they come from the same factory. “Slightly bitter aftertaste and too sweet. Where are the gingerbread spices? ”

The second variant of Vomar, baked by Bakkers Weelde, did better. In the end, two stood out head and shoulders: the pieces from EkoPlaza and the slightly more luxurious piece from Albert Heijn. The rest could continue with it, but hardly differed from each other, so this week three supers in a third, last place.


Okay, the chunk of it EkoPlaza was ‘on the soft side’, but the taste of these gingerbread chunks (with almond shavings) was by far the best. “You clearly taste gingerbread spices.” “I want more of this.” € 0.78 per 100 grams


The slightly more luxurious biscuit chunk from Albert Heijn, with the half almonds crunched a bit messy. “Nice subtle taste.” € 0.44 per 100 grams


The chunks of Sondey, for sale at Lidl, did quite well. “Nice and crispy and well flavored.” Another thought it was “really too sweet”. € 0.20 per 100 grams


There is Albert Heijn again with the more basic variant of chunks, which look very similar to the eliminated chunks, but which tasted slightly better. “Nice and brittle. A lump as you expect it. ” € 0.31 per 100 grams


The other chunks of Vomar (Bakkers Weelde) did much better than their other variant. “The taste is fine”, but it was also felt that the cake “crumbles very quickly in your mouth”. € 0.23 per 100 grams


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