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Tested: this is the best pea soup! | Lifestyle

It’s a pity that pea soup is usually reserved for the colder months. After all, it is so delicious … As far as I am concerned, we also eat a tasty stew in the summer.

It may surprise you, but pea soup is not originally from the Netherlands, even though the Dutch have been eating the soup since the 16th century. This soup was also known in ancient Greece, 500 BC, and may have been eaten in the Middle East before that.

I used to get the (split) pea soup myself from my Indian background, in the form of yellow valley. We also ate pea soup, but without the sausage.


Why do we actually call pea soup ‘snert’? According to the Van Dale etymological dictionary, this word comes from Frisian. Since 1768 the words snert (and snirt) have been used for pea soup. Probably related to the word ‘sneirts’ which has to do with drinking.

Then the test. At all colleagues’ homes there was an enormous soup smoke and in some cases dinner was unnecessary after the supermarket test! The soups of Albert Heijn (“thin, shiny structure, less flavor”) and Dirk / Dekamarkt house brand De Beste (“Sour taste, spongy sausage, impossible to do”) had to lose out.

Brands that did well were private label G’Woon from Vomar and Coop, Struik, Jumbo, LIdl and Unox. Especially because “you can distinguish the different vegetables” and they are “rich in sausage”. And because they are “nice and firm”. That’s the way it is supposed to be!


Jumbo completes the top 5.

“The taste is okay, it is certainly not bad.” “I do have a tendency to add Maggi,” commented a colleague.

€ 1.03 per 800 ml


Bush is in fourth place, where the undersigned betrayed his age by singing the 80s advertising slogan. “It looks very nice.” “Eat away easily.” “Different taste, but very tasty.”

€ 1.99 per 800 ml


G’Live, the house brand of, among others Vomar and Coop, was especially praised for the many vegetables in the pea soup. “This is a nice piece.” “Pretty good, actually.”

€ 1.03 per 800 ml


Lidl did with private label Kania good business as well. “There is a lot of sausage in it and you can distinguish the peas.” Even though split peas are of course the basis of pea soup.

€ 1.03 per 800 ml


You might expect it: Unox took the win. “Very tasty and hearty.” A few thought it was very firm: “Almost a stew.”

€ 2.55 per 800 ml

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