Texas’ Tesla Gigafactory will be twice the size of Berlin’s

Over the months, Tesla grows. Its production tool too, as a comparison of the sizes of the different Gigafactory tends to illustrate.

To manufacture its batteries and its cars, Tesla made the Gigafactory out of the ground. These facilities are not simply production plants: as with its cars, Tesla is trying to redefine what has been achieved. You only need to see the first images of the next Gigafactory Berlin to be sure. But Austin, Texas will go even further, as Reddit user Branddude87 illustrates.

And to push the concept of a car factory into the new era, Tesla acquired a huge piece of land in Texas, to set up a factory twice the size of those in Berlin or Shanghai. The facility will accommodate all the excessiveness of Tesla, with mainly battery production, but also that of the Tesla Cybertruck or the Tesla Semi.

A car factory, but also a green space for family walks

The scope for expansion there would also be far greater than in Nevada: the desert patch is just as large, but the terrain does not allow Tesla to consider installing other buildings. Also, the climate would not allow Elon Musk to bring his latest ideas to life.

Because in addition to being an industrial site, the Austin Gigafactory will be a “Ecological paradise”, according to the CEO of the brand. The site will thus have a promenade, a bike path and even a hiking trail. The universe of the brand will not be forgotten with a museum and circuits adapted to allow Tesla Roadster or Cybertruck customers to try out their new acquisitions.


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