Thalia and Mayersche: Soon you won’t have to go to the till

Soon Thalia customers will be able to save themselves the detour via the cash register – and simply pay for the books themselves with their mobile phones.


You go to a Thalia branch, take a book from the shelf, scan it and go out again. Soon you won’t have to go to the checkout anymore if you don’t want to. Thalia has announced that this so-called “Scan & Go” function will be activated for all customers at the end of October.

All you need are the Thalia app on your smartphone and a customer account with Thalia / Mayersche. There you deposit a means of payment, then the amount will be debited from your account after scanning and checking out.

There is a hotspot in every Thalia and Mayersche branch

You have been able to make mobile payments at any Thalia seller since 2018, even outside the checkout. The employees were equipped with a tablet on which this function was possible. “The number of people who have used this service has increased,” says Daniel Prüser from Thalia. Thalia has therefore decided to make the system accessible to everyone now.

Those in charge of the bookstore chain have also thought of branches with weak network reception: in every branch there is a hotspot that all customers can use free of charge for one hour.

How does the company protect itself against theft? “We already have a relatively open branch concept today,” says Prüser, “and we’re doing very well with it”. There will be no control in the form of barriers for the time being – but the situation should be closely monitored.


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