Thanks to Stellantis, FCA will no longer buy CO2 credits from Tesla

The birth of the Stellantis group will allow FCA to no longer depend on Tesla. The Fiat Chrysler group has been buying carbon credits in recent years to meet European standards.

Until then, the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles group struggled to limit its CO2 emissions and comply with European standards. To cope with the restrictions and avoid heavy fines, the Italian-American giant had partnered with Tesla, from whom it was buying carbon credits.

Legally authorized, this “pool” system, in which Honda also participated, allowed the group to stay under the limit authorized by Europe while allowing Tesla to boost its financial income. But Carlos Tavares, CEO of Stellantis, confirmed that the merger with PSA will prevent FCA from continuing down this path.

“Thanks to the electrical technology that PSA has brought to Stellantis, we will independently comply with the CO2 emission limits starting this year. Thus, we will not need to call on CO2 credits in Europe. And FCA will no longer have a pool with Tesla or with anyone, ”Tavares told Le Point.


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