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That is how long an opened bottle of wine will last

The problem: oxidation

Because an opened bottle comes into contact with oxygen, the wine will oxidize. As a result, the wine smells like vinegar and acquires a foul, sour taste. The more wine that is out of the bottle, the faster this process will go.

Always put an opened bottle of wine in the fridge. Due to the cool temperature, the oxidation process slows down.

That is how long you can keep an opened bottle of wine

But how long can you keep such a bottle of wine? That depends on the type of wine.

It is best to drink an open bottle of red wine within two days. White and rosé can stand a little longer; up to four days. If it is a sweet variety, you may be able to stretch it for another day.

Sparkling wines have the least shelf life: only one day.

Oxygen is killing

As we have already explained, the cold of the refrigerator slows down the oxidation process. But … if you keep the bottle in the fridge, it is important that no oxygen gets into the wine, because oxygen is bad for the shelf life of the wine. You can of course do this by putting the cap or the cork back on the bottle.

But it is quite good to also remove all air from the bottle by pulling it vacuum. Special pumps and corks are available for this.

This way you keep a (closed) bottle of wine

Did you know that where you keep your bottle of wine affects shelf life and taste? Even if the cork is still on.

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