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That is why every fourth educator thinks about changing jobs

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Early childhood development is one of the most important phases in life. Many foundations are laid in this age range and many important skills are learned. The job of educator is therefore particularly important. However, many daycare workers criticize the personal development opportunities, the shortage of staff and the lack of recognition of the profession in the population. This was the result of a study by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), as reported by “Zeit”.

15,000 specialists and 3,000 managers from nine countries, including Germany, were interviewed for the study. Accordingly, the professional training of specialists in Germany is positive. Thanks to their extensive training, the educators feel well prepared to support children in their development.

Stress from a lack of staff

Nevertheless, every fourth educator in Germany is considering changing jobs due to health problems. The lack of staff also contributes to this. Almost every third specialist therefore suffers from stress from a lack of staff. The risk of burnout is particularly high in the education sector. 20 percent of those questioned also see the quality of the facilities at risk.

A large number of educators in Germany also criticize the lack of recognition of their profession in society. This lack of recognition is also reflected in the salary. Two out of three educators in Germany stated that they did not feel adequately rewarded for their profession.

The economic pressure continues to increase due to the corona crisis. OECD Education Director Andreas Schleicher therefore fears less investment in the daycare sector in the coming years. This could deter young professionals. Udo Beckmann, Federal Chairman of the Association for Education and Upbringing (VBE), warns, according to “Zeit”: “There is a red alert in early childhood education and there is an urgent need for action”.


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