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Most beautiful memory

“Last summer I was in Puglia, Italy, on my honeymoon. There you can make it as expensive and as cheap as you want.

There are beautiful resorts, but also cute little hotels and a lot of culture. I like small, charming boutique hotels where you can really experience the atmosphere of the region. It is not (yet) mega touristy, which is nice too. ”


“When I went to Turkey, the first day I became incredibly ill from food poisoning. What should have been a nice holiday in the sun after my graduation was 40 degrees in one for a week shitty hotel. ”

Farthest journey

“Tokyo. I flew from New York, which was a 19-hour flight. I went there for work and stayed for five days. That was too short because the journey was so long and the city itself absolutely amazing. I like sushi a lot and every restaurant was delicious. The culture was also great. ”


“In Ibiza I once forgot my hand luggage in the toilet. I always put my important things in my hand luggage, such as bags and jewelry, so the shock was enormous when I only found out in Amsterdam. I was lucky because a friend was still in Ibiza and she was able to pick up the suitcase. Fortunately everything was still there! ”

Holiday gadget

“Very boring, but a good book. Normally I hardly have time to read a book and it really is a holiday feeling to read on the beach. ”

Craziest ever

“I was in China for work, we were out for dinner and a piece of meat that looked like a dog came on the table … In Chinese business culture, when you are taken out to dinner, the guest has to eat first . I immediately said: oh sorry, I am vegetarian and I grabbed the vegetables! I was so shocked that I could hardly get a bite down my throat … ”


“Don’t plan every minute of your vacation. If you plan too much, you can miss the charm of a new place. I often discover the nicest places by coincidence. ”

Favorite address

“In Europe: Polignano a Mare in Puglia. That village is the perfect combination of good restaurants, beaches nearby, history, good food and lovely people.

I was there in June and during that period there are not many tourists yet and it is already nice and warm. ”

Holiday love

“When I was 12 in Spain. It didn’t mean anything, but we were pen pals for years, quite cute. ”


“The popular holiday countries in July and August. I think it is much more pleasant to go just a little out of season so that you get more of the culture and less that all that touristy. ”

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