That’s how much money you’ve spent on Amazon so far – Trick reveals everything

Do you like to shop at Amazon and now want to know how much money you have left at Amazon so far? Here’s the answer.

The other day I asked myself the question: How much money have I actually spent on Amazon so far? Good question, but one that is not that easy to answer. Amazon likes to collect information from its users, but when it comes to the other way around, Amazon is stingy when it comes to the flow of information. In any case, Amazon withholds the requested information from me – probably for good reason: Because the next order will then no longer be so easy for me. But: With a trick it is quite easy to tease the information out of Amazon. We show you how it works.

This is how the Amazon hack works

Basically, if you log into and go to “My Orders” via “My Account” (or simply click here), you will see your orders from the last three months by default. You can use a drop-down menu to select a year in which you ordered something from Amazon.

However, Amazon does not offer any option to export the information. On the US side of Amazon, users can at least export the data to a CSV file and then process it there. Theoretically, you could also write a script that reads out the data from an order year, processes it and then automatically switches to the next order year. Projects of this kind can often be found on the Internet, written in a wide variety of programming languages ​​(Ruby, Javascript), but all of them are difficult to operate.

If you use the Chrome browser, you have a simpler and, above all, a more convenient solution: the Amazon Order History Reporter Chrome extension. The extension collects all your orders on Amazon and presents them in a clear way. In addition, the extension is able to determine the value of all orders. So the bottom line is that the extension answers the question asked at the beginning: How much money have I actually spent on Amazon so far?

How to use the Chrome extension

Install the extension and log into Amazon with your account details. Then call up the “My Orders” page manually or via this link.

From now on the Chrome extension will be active. If you now click on the icon of the extension in Chrome, all the years will be displayed. With one click on a year, all orders are read in and evaluated. After a while, the display changes to a table view that clearly shows all your orders.

You can now see what you have ordered within the year in question, whether it was a gift, how much taxes you paid, where the order was delivered and which payment method you used to settle the invoice.

At the bottom you can find the answer how much all orders were worth within the selected period (year) (the number next to all = in the “total” column and across all sub-pages, ie “all =”).

You can export the table as a CSV file using the extension and then process it in Excel (or another spreadsheet). Simply click on the “download csv” button at the top left.

So that’s how much I’ve spent on Amazon so far …

If you add up all the data of the order years determined via the Chrome extensions, you will get the result of how much money you have spent on Amazon so far.

And so I also know the answer to my initial question … In almost 18 years, Amazon has received 23539.46 euros from me via 399 orders. That makes an average of 59 euros per order or 1,308 euros per year. How much have you spent on Amazon so far?

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