That’s how much the VW ID.Buzz costs – authority leaks price

VW keeps the price of the ID.Buzz top secret. But a federal authority has now revealed how much the electric VW bus will cost.

Ironically, the federal authority responsible for promoting electric cars has revealed the price of the VW ID.Buzz, the first electric VW bus, which VW has previously kept strictly secret.

Accordingly, the starting price for the VW ID.Buzz Pro with 150 kW drive is 54,270 euros plus 19 percent VAT (10,311.30). This results in a total price of 64,581.30 euros. Less 7500 euros premium results in a purchase price of 57,081.30 euros. The 7,500 euro bonus is made up as follows: 5,000 euros from the federal government and 2,500 euros from the manufacturer; for the ID.Bzz there is not the full premium of 9000 euros because it costs more than 40,000 euros.

The Federal Office of Economics and Export Control calls these prices.


The Federal Office of Economics and Export Control calls these prices.

© Federal Office of Economics and Export Control.

For the transporter variant of the ID.Buzz, i.e. for the ID.Buzz Cargo with 150 kW, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles (VWN) demands at least 45,740 euros plus VAT/sales tax. Plus this 8690.60 euros, the price is 54,430.60 euros. If you subtract the 7,500 euros premium, you end up with a final price of 46,930.60 euros. Corporate customers can claim sales tax from the tax office.

The price information is in the updated ” List of eligible electric vehicles ” of the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control.

However, this list does not show the equipment of the vehicles. So it cannot be ruled out that VWN will launch another cheaper entry-level variant.

The ID.Buzz should be delivered in autumn 2022, but advance sales should start in May 2022. Then VWN will also announce the prices. At the start there is the ID.Buzz as a five-seater and as a transporter with three seats and a loading area/storage space.

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