That’s what a 1000 hp Tesla costs in leasing

An SUV with over 1000 hp? What sounds like a lot even for a sports car, Tesla implements with the Model X Plaid. The performance corresponds to that of the Model S Plaid: 750 kW (1020 hp). Currently, only the plaid version of the SUV can be ordered in Germany. The price? A whopping 140,990 euros. The Tesla should dash from 0 to 100 km/h in 2.6 seconds. According to WLTP, the range is 528 kilometers – of course not in connection with frequent attempts to reach 2.6 seconds. Business customers currently have the extraordinary opportunity to lease the Model X.
At (cooperation partner of AUTO BILD) the Tesla Model X Plaid is available for 1687 euros net per month. The SUV can be driven for 60 months, 10,000 kilometers per year. A deposit is not necessary. Shorter contract terms are also possible: 48 (1853 euros net) or 36 months (2123 euros net).
And if 10,000 kilometers a year are not enough for you, you can increase this in increments of 5,000 to 45,000 kilometers. (maintenance costs to calculate? To the car insurance comparison!)

GHG premium also for e-car leasing

The Tesla Model X Plaid also qualifies for the GHG premium, which also applies to leased vehicles. In order to easily get back a three-digit amount a year, the owner only has to register this with the Federal Environment Agency.

Drive a Tesla Model X Plaid for three years for 76,428 euros

There are no transfer or deployment costs added to this deal. In the most favorable case, this results in total leasing costs of EUR 76,428 net (36 times EUR 2123). The leasing rate includes, for example: breakdown assistance and replacement vehicle, maintenance and wear and tear service, registration costs, vehicle tax, registration costs, winter tyres, radio license fee and vehicle insurance (liability and fully comprehensive).
In return, business customers receive a freely configurable Tesla Model X Plaid, which comes standard with the following equipment highlights: heat pump, auxiliary heating, sunroof, 20-inch rims, Apple CarPlay, AndroidAuro, trailer hitch, navigation system, leather interior and heated seats. The electric SUV is painted in Pearl White Multi-Coat and comes with a black interior.

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