The 10 best travel podcasts to dream away Lifestyle

1. Along with Annika

Dream away about unknown destinations, a twinkling starry sky or a deserted desert. Besides being a reporter, Annika is also an avid world traveler. In her podcast she tells you everything about the long journeys she makes with her backpack. She explains how you can make that large globe just a bit more accessible for the ideal journey of discovery.

2. Spoorcast

Traveling by train. Arjan Spoormans (yes, that’s really his name), Arno Leblanc and Elger van der can tell you all about that. These three gentlemen tell you stories from derailed trains to creepy ghost stations in Belgium. Spoorcast turns your train ride into a whole adventure.

3. The Sustainable Jungle

The English Lyall and Joy look for solutions to the current sustainability problems in the world. They travel the world and speak to inspiring people such as Brendan Condon and Olivia Kennaway, experts on sustainability projects in third world countries. Through this podcast, they hope to contribute to a better world and inspire you to travel greener as soon as the weather permits.

Zero To Travel

Do you want to know how you can travel around the world, but on a small budget? Then this English-language podcast is exactly what you are looking for. Whether you’re a rookie or an experienced world traveler, travel expert Jason Moore talks to adventurous people who advise you on where to go for the best budget-proof locations.

5. The Journey

Our own KLM also has a travel podcast. The series takes listeners to different parts of the world. From the snowy plains of Alaska to the hectic streets of New Delhi. Travelers tell of true stories that have changed their lives forever. Listen to the story of Samba Schutte, who discovered his talent as a comedian in a small dusty village in Kenya. Or how about the nerve-racking story of Emma, ​​who was kidnapped during a business trip?

6. From Stories

Adventurers and wannabe world improvers Florine and Thijs sold their house and belongings to conquer the world in a house on wheels. In their podcast you can listen to everything they come across: which countries you should visit, and which especially should not, what items you should not forget during a bus trip and most importantly: how do you shit if you live on a bus?

7. Extra Pack Of Peanuts

A frugal person combined with someone who likes the finer things in life. This podcast is highly recommended for both the bon vivant and the economic travel enthusiast.


8. Travel companions

Travel journalist Niels the hunter and filmmaker Daisy Scholte inspire, entertain and tell. From how you as an LGBT person travel to countries where gay people are sentenced to death, to climbing the highest mountain in Africa.

9. The Rough Guide To Everywhere

Meet travel editor Aimee White, who will take you on not-so-obvious adventures. Like the story with Francis Firebrace, an 81-year-old itinerant cowboy with a big white beard. Or listen to the conversation with NASA astronaut Don Thomas who talks about how Earth travel changes your perspective on humans. Also handy: she tips how to take the best travel photos.

The Rough Guide to Everywhere

10. The Most Exciting Travel Stories

This podcast from TUI is also home grown. From a delivery in an Italian supermarket to an exciting date in the jungle of Bali. Listen to the special travel adventures of Katja Schuurman and Pauline Wingelaar.


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