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The 15 most fascinating drone photos of the year

Krzysztof Krawczykl / Drone Photo Awards

Every year the “Drone Photo Award” honors the best drone photos from the past 12 months. The winners were announced on September 21st. 45 of the best pictures will be exhibited at the Siena Awards Festival in Italy from October 24th to November 29th.

In addition to the classic categories such as sport and wildlife, this time there was also the category “Empty cities: life during Covid-19”. The aim of the award is to recognize photographs that “capture the beauty of the world from heaven and tell a story.”

Here are the 15 finalists for this year’s competition.

15 fascinating drone photos that let us see the world with completely different eyes

This article was translated from English by Klemens Handke. You can find the original here.


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