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The 4 styling mistakes that make your bedroom look messy

1. Open clothes rack

Open clothes racks are hot! You save space and it does something to your bedroom. Have you hung all the beautiful eye-catchers on your rack, but does it look messy? Then try sorting the clothes by color and use the same hangers. You will see that it gives a much calmer feeling. Also try not to fully fill the rack, this can also create a restless look.

2. The chair

It is of course easy to throw your clothes on the chair after a long day, but it does not look really neat. Get rid of that chair! He really only brings rubbish with him. Fold the clothes neatly or hang them on a clothes rack. This way it creases less and the bedroom looks a lot neater!

Can you really not do without a clothing chair? Then try these alternatives!

3. A busy color palette

It is useful to choose a quiet color palette for your bedroom. This ensures that it does not become a mess with different busy colors. Deviating a bit does not hurt, but try to keep it neat.

Open bedside tables

Bedside tables are quickly seen as a storage place for many things. Pills, rubber bands, cream, and so on. If you also have an open bedside table, you will see everything immediately. Opt for a bedside table with a door or a drawer, and no one will notice that it is somewhat cluttered next to your bed. You can also put some nice accessories on it.

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