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The 5 favorite podcasts of… Guido Weijers

There are podcasts to choose from. That is why professional media platform lets a media person select his or her favorite podcasts every week. With today: the 5 favorite podcasts of Guido Weijers, who will give his tenth New Year’s Eve conference on RTL 4 tonight.

1. Talk about consciousness

The longest-running podcast in the Netherlands, created by radio DJ Patrick Kicken and philosopher Paul Smit. What began more than eleven years ago as a profound spiritual podcast about nonduality has slowly degenerated into “philosophy with mayonnaise.” Two friends who talk about the essence of life, but also about the weekly offers at Lidl. “I have listened to all, more than 400 episodes.” Tip: listen back from episode one and your life will never be the same again.

2. Before the show

In this podcast, comedians Rayen Panday and Stefan Pop look for topics / inspiration for their shows. But in the meantime you just sit and listen to all the daily musings of two honest, cheerful and funny guests.

3. Elektra, the podcast

The podcast in which comedians reminisce about shows they would rather have forgotten. It is wonderful for people from the theater world to hear that all comedians have had the same recognizable setbacks. You learn from mistakes and failures … luckily!

4. University of the Netherlands

This podcast is a “fantastic concept”. In each relatively short episode, a question is answered in clear language by professors.

5. The Bosses

This podcast helps with personal development as the basis for growth, happiness and success. It is a wonderful listening session about everything that takes you “further” in life. Sometimes these are conversations lasting up to two hours! “If the guest is good, time flies. But if the guest is less appealing, I can easily switch to the next episode. ”

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The 5 favorite podcasts of… Guido Weijers


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