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The 5 favorite podcasts of… Michiel Veenstra

There are podcasts to choose from. That is why professional media platform lets a media person select his or her favorite podcasts every week. With today: the 5 favorite podcasts of Michiel Veenstra (KINK and Disney podcast D-Tales)

1. Man Man Man the Podcast

I still enjoy this top series and success story. Three originally radio makers who stick their necks out to make the most popular podcast in the Netherlands with their own hands. Still regularly laughing out loud on the bike at their anecdotes and mild insults.

2. Hit Parade | Music History and Music Trivia

Music geek Chris Molanphy picks up an artist or phenomenon in every episode and puts it past the bar of the billboard chart, inundating you with fun facts and trivia. Feast!

3. Gladbeck’s hostage situation

Historian Roel Gootzen tolerates primal butcher Marcel van Roosmalen on his voyage of discovery into the history of a bizarre hostage-taking case from the 1980s. To my surprise the case had been forgotten. Made with love and humor.

4. The Murder of Patrick

Super exciting true crime series that I still hope for a quick ending!

5. The Disney Dish

For the real Disney geek! Regular listening food before I enter the recordings of the Dutch Disney podcast myself D-Tales, which I have been making for almost five years with colleagues Ralf Verhoef and Jorn Jokker. Len Testa and Jim Hill know all about the ins and outs of the Disney parks, both current events and intriguing history.

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The 5 favorite podcasts of… Michiel Veenstra


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