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The 5 favorite podcasts of… Toine van Peperstraten

There are podcasts to choose from. That is why professional media platform lets a media person select his or her favorite podcasts every week. Today: Toine van Peperstraten’s 5 favorite podcasts.

Toine van Peperstraten is presenter at ESPN. Before that, he was one of the regular faces of NOS Studio Sport. Furthermore, Toine presents the afternoon program from Monday to Thursday, together with Dionne Stax Stax & Toine on NPO Radio 1.

Van Peperstraten: “Where I used to switch from one radio station to another, I am now addicted to the podcast. I spend a lot of time in the car and sometimes look forward to new episodes that automatically appear in my app. I mainly listen to podcasts about media and music, but of course also a lot about football. ” His 5 favorites are:

1. The Last Days of John Lennon

“A gem. The sad ending of these ex-Beatles is dissected in six parts. The audio is fantastic. In addition, the makers Jan-Cees ter Brugge, Wibo Dijksma and Michiel Tjepkema know so much about Lennon, that it is a nice added value to this black page in pop history. ”

2. Revenge

“This is a drama series about an ambitious police chief. For this podcast alone, a counterpart to ‘binge watching’ should be devised. The roles are voiced by Rifka Lodeizen, Carine Crutzen and Nasrdin Dchar, among others, and are designed in 8D, which makes it seem like you are in the middle of the story. ”

3. Dick Voormekaar Podcast

“Actually it’s just over an hour of bullshit. Bestseller author Michel van Egmond and Feyenoord watcher Martijn Krabbendam discuss the ups and downs of the Rotterdam folk club every week. They often end up from one anecdote to another. ”

4. The Showbiz Murder

“This podcast is a reconstruction of the murder of record producer Bart van der Laar in 1981. Journalists Lammert de Bruin and Babs Assink speak to all those directly involved and you really get sucked into the series. It is a beautiful image of the time. ”

5. In Shape

“I admit: this one is for the freaks. With radio DJs and designers, curator Bas van Teylingen delves deeper into the jingles of programs and stations. It’s a nice look behind the scenes. ”

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The 5 favorite podcasts of… Toine van Peperstraten


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