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The 5 most common styling mistakes that make the kitchen look messy

1. Messy crockery

This styling flaw actually makes for a cheaper look in the kitchen. We personally prefer one type of service, but mixing and matching is always possible! Make sure it fits within the color palette. If you choose crockery made of different materials and colors, this can look very messy. And say for yourself? Eating beautiful crockery makes it just that little bit better.

2. Cookbooks

Cookbooks are very useful, but how often do you really read something from them? The counter may not be the best place to collect your cookbooks. They get dirty here quickly and that is of course a shame! A good solution is to put them all on a shelf so that they do not get dirty from cooking. Or put them back in the bookcase, there they are of course always well protected!

3. Storage space on the refrigerator

Do you have storage space on the fridge? Then this can quickly become a storage place for various things. If you look at the kitchen as a whole, this can give just that cluttered feeling. Can’t you put your stuff anywhere? Then try to neatly place them in storage baskets on the fridge. This already looks a lot neater!

4. Visible trash can

A trash can is mainly for practical use. You hardly think about which one to choose, but a boring gray trash can doesn’t make the kitchen much nicer. Is he really in the picture? Then you can choose a waste bin that fits nicely with the kitchen. Is it hidden in the kitchen cupboards? Then of course it doesn’t matter that much. Curious which waste bins look great in the kitchen? We have listed them for you!

5. No matching towels

This simple tip is of course easy to solve. A matching towel nevertheless provides a calmer feeling. They’re in plain sight anyway and then you better make the most of them. Usually you can already buy them in sets, so it is not that much of a hassle! Do you always hang the towels around the kitchen cupboards? We have listed 5 original ways to hang the towels in the kitchen!


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