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The 5 rules of … jobs

The situation

Long weekend, no holiday planned and holiday money on your account. That can only mean one thing: odd jobs. A pink wall turns yellow, a man cave in the garden or an extraordinary tree house for the offspring. You may have started doing it in the last few weeks, or you may have heard it from your neighbors. But what are the mores, for a bit of DIY? Nicolette Fox, editor in chief of vtwonen, explains how to keep everything level.

The gamerules

  1. Keep the neighbors happy

Grab stuff, tape and go. In your drive you sometimes want to forget the neighbors. Pros often start early, but as a handy Harry you really don’t have to do that, of course. And certainly not on Sundays. Or at least not before 10:00. And not after 7 pm. “On the other hand, it’s a bit of give and take. We all have a turn.” Also nice: a warning in advance if you are really going to make noise. With a little luck, the neighbor will offer to help as well.

  1. Measuring is knowing

“I am convinced that we can do more than we think, but do-it-yourselfers often overestimate themselves. Everyone can paint, but not everyone can build a dormer. Estimating is perhaps your most important tool. When you have everything right measured, you have everything you need so you don’t have to go back to the hardware store three times, and if you know what you can do, you will get there. ” Practice makes perfect and making meters is the nail on the head.

  1. Patience is worth its weight in gold

The most important rule of odd jobs is also the most difficult: be patient. “If you don’t like odd jobs, or have little time, you would prefer to paint a cupboard in a day and furnish it by the end of the afternoon. Stop it, that doesn’t work. The process is the process, so for a nice result you really have to sand, clean, paint, sand, clean, paint. “

  1. Don’t mess around with mess

If you want to do a good job, you need good stuff. Then it goes neater and faster. A four euro saw from the stunt shop, paint for next to nothing, is fine for a miracle job but you do not pull up an entire room with it. If you are starting a real project, invest in your materials. Sturdy and handy. and remember: the tools are made to help you, so make sure you choose something that really makes the job easier for you. Invest in good tools. “This is not always the case with a novice handyman. With a curved saw, you do not saw straight planks. In such a case, it is better to leave the difficult things to the pro.”

  1. You can learn to accept

In life you have leaders and followers. And especially when you go do-it-yourself on the square meter, that division of roles should be clearer. For safety and for the atmosphere. And remember: handymen often like to share their tips. You learn a lot from it, but after three times it feels like sawdust in your larynx. So: great that the neighbor will come to help, as long as the plans are clear. “Rather keep it cozy by both working in a different room and accept the way someone gets the job done. Does your father scour like a snail? Don’t like it. Ultimately it will be beautiful. And if it doesn’t match your standard, you have to thank you next time. ” Ajeto!

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