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The 6 best tips from professional cleaners

1. Olive oil

Have you just cleaned your kitchen, you still see dirty fingerprints everywhere! Melissa Maker, owner of the ‘Clean My Space cleaning company’ has a handy tip for this: “I put a drop of olive oil on a piece of kitchen paper and use this to remove stains from stainless steel.” This way you can remove stains in no time and ensure that the surfaces stay clean longer.

2. White vinegar

No matter how clean your bathroom is, you will soon find that your faucet or shower wall looks dull due to an ugly layer of limescale. Fortunately, professional cleaners have a simple tip for this too. Becky Rapinchuk, founder of ‘’, uses the following method: “Soak a piece of kitchen paper or a cloth with white vinegar and leave it on the stain for about 15 minutes. Then go over it with a clean cloth. The acidity of the vinegar immediately removes the stains and ensures that everything shines again. ”

And your showerhead? You can also make it shine again with white vinegar. For this you can fill a plastic bag with some white vinegar after which you put the shower head in it and tie the bag. Take the shower head out again after a night of soaking and it will look like new again. Let the shower head run for a while before using it again.

3. Maizena

Earlier we already gave you a step-by-step plan to clean your windows streak-free. But … believe it or not, you can also do this with Maizena. Melissa Maker explains: “I always mix a teaspoon of cornstarch with some white wine vinegar and water. This allows you to easily remove all the dirt from your windows and no unsightly streaks are left behind. The result: perfectly shiny windows. ”

4. White chalk

Grease stains on your clothes and furniture are very annoying and difficult to remove. You may have also tried a lot of cleaning products. But have you ever thought of white chalk as a cleaning agent? Becky Rapinchuk swears by it: “White chalk is the ideal way to remove greasy stains from your clothes. Rub the chalk over the stains and then wash your clothes in your washing machine as normal. Your garment will come out of the washing machine like new again. ”

5. Steel sponge

A shower with a glass shower wall remains the most beautiful in our opinion. But unfortunately those glass walls also get dirty very quickly. According to Donna Smallin Kuper, cleaner and author of the book ‘Cleaning Plain & Simple’, it is best to use a steel sponge to remove soap residues and other stains. “With a steel sponge you can get rid of all those dirty stains in no time. Wet the sponge with some water and then scrub the doors and walls with it. If you do this regularly, your shower doors will remain beautiful. ”

6. Ziplock bag + freezer

Do your sports clothes still smell after washing? Or do your shoes last for an hour in the wind but would you rather not throw them in the washing machine? Then you better put them in the freezer. Becky Rapinchuk explains, “Put your smelly sportswear or your trainers in a large ziplock bag and put it in the freezer overnight. The bacteria that cause the sweat odor will die from the cold. After a night in the freezer, your clothes will no longer stink. ”


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