The AEX is at record high. Still want to start investing?

Stock exchanges are doing well. Record after record is broken. The AEX has now even broken 800 points, which is the highest point in twenty years. If prices are so positive, you probably want to get a piece of that. But is this a smart entry point to start investing when prices are peaking?

In a series of eight lessons, Jim and Janneke take you on the exhibition floor. In this lecture they explain why you can also start investing in this time.

RTL Z Beursspel Academy is the digital lecture hall where the basics of investing are explained. The ideal preparation to appear well prepared at the start of the RTL Z Beursspel. You can register here.

Between Monday September 26 and Friday October 22, RTL Z broadcasts the Beursspel Academy 4 times a day. Get to grips with investing and soon take the first steps on the stock exchange floor.

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