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The anchor can be lifted for Berend Botje | Movie

Now we can anchor for this production by the Gelder brothers Van den Berg, who, as the sons of puppeteers, turn a successful performance of their parents from the 1980s into a film adventure.

Berend is in the film – the recordings of which start in May – the last member of the Botje family. That’s why she bears the same name as her dad, her grandfather and great-grandfather before her. When a strange egg shows up in her village, she decides to take that egg to the only island where her grandfather thinks it can be hatched.


Doris, the girl who will play Berend, is the youngest of four herself, has been acting as an actor for six years and is taking lessons at the Amsterdam Youth Theater School. She is adventurous, does not like dresses, has traveled a lot in her young life and wanted to be a police officer in the past. That was not allowed by her big brothers – ‘because that is with shooting’ – after which she decided to become an actress. Doris is not afraid of anything, except for blood and woodlice. Which she never kicks to death, because she cannot handle animal suffering either.

Berend Botje is expected in cinemas this fall.


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