The anime Dragon Quest: Dai’s adventure starts in this country today via Crunchyroll

The anime went to Japan on October 3rd today Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai at the start. While it has been unclear in the past few weeks if and when the anime will make it to us in the West, we now have confirmation. As Toei Animation recently announced via Twitter, “The Adventure of Dai” is finding its way west.

In this country you can watch the anime via Crunchyroll. And starting today! At the time of this writing, the video is not yet available – but that should change as the day progresses.

Dragon Quest: Dai’s adventure follows the eponymous boy Dai. He strives to bring peace to the world, for which he trains hard with his mentor Avan in order to soon start his very own adventure.

The “The Adventure of Dai” offensive

By the way, the anime is not the only way to deal with “The Adventure of Dai”. The console game has already been announced Infinity Strash – Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai. Square Enix plans to release this action RPG in Japan next year. A more precise platform specification is not yet available.

A mobile game is also in development, namely Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai – Tamashii no Kizuna (roughly “connections of souls”). This is being developed by the DeNA specialists for iOS and Android. The developer is known for Pokémon Masters and Super Mario Run, among others. The new game is a “Dash RPG”, which should appear in Japan next year.

And arcade fans are also served. With Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai – Xross Blade a card battle game is scheduled to start this fall in Japan.

Are you excited about the start of the Dragon Quest anime?

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