The average salary in the Netherlands by age and level of education

In some countries people are very open about what they earn. The Netherlands is not one of them. We Dutch barely talk about our salary and that is a shame. It is good to know what your peers earn. Fortunately, there is always the CBS, so you can see exactly what the average annual salary is per age group and education level.

It is very useful to know what the people around you earn on average. For example when you are going to apply for a job or during an assessment interview, but also to know where you stand. This does not mean that you should immediately panic if you are below average or have to party when you are above it. There are a lot of variables to consider. For example, which sector you are in.

The average annual salary in the Netherlands

Nevertheless, the average salary per age group and education level is a useful indicator to see where you stand. Statistics Netherlands has all these figures, so why not use them? The HetGeldCollege website has also done this. They looked at the average annual salary per age group and education level. You can find these in the table below.

AgeAverageLow educatedSecondary educationWell educated
15-19€ 4,400€ 3,700€ 6,700€ 9,500
20-24€ 15,600€ 13,400€ 14,900€ 20,400
25-29€ 15,600€ 20,400€ 25,100€ 34,200
30-34€ 15,600€ 24,000€ 29,800€ 44,000
35-39€ 38,700€ 25,200€ 32,600€ 51,100
40-44€ 41,300€ 26,500€ 34,200€ 58,300
45-49€ 42,300€ 27,200€ 35,600€ 62,600
50-54€ 41,800€ 27,300€ 36,900€ 62,100
55-59€ 40,500€ 26,700€ 36,800€ 59,700
60-64€ 36,700€ 24,800€ 34,400€ 53,600
65-69€ 26,600€ 18,700€ 26,000€ 41,900
70-74€ 23,100€ 17,000€ 23,000€ 37,500

Ready for another job?

If, after seeing these numbers, you come to the conclusion that it is really time for a change, don’t fear. Even in these uncertain times you can change jobs. Because when you are unhappy at work, your body has a lot to endure.

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The average salary in the Netherlands by age and level of education


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