The Beckham family hoards liters of Big Mac sauce

David and Victoria Beckham isolate themselves in their gigantic mansion in the English Cotswolds due to the corona crisis, but still lack certain pleasures. The couple is said to be craving for a Big Mac and therefore smashed tubes of the sauce that is on the famous burger, an initiate tells ‘The Sun’.

“They have done quite a bit to be able to benefit for the time being”

The fashion designer and former football player ordered McDonald’s sauce through eBay and had a shipment delivered to their home. “Everyone is missing something during the lockdown and this is apparently something of the Beckhams,” said an insider. “The family is a big fan. They have done quite a bit to be able to live on for the time being. It shows that they are a ‘down-to-earth’ family despite their rich lifestyle.”

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Fortunately for David and Victoria, it seems that they don’t have to cook for very long. The fast food chain is slowly opening more drive-in restaurants in the UK.

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