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The best automatic soap dispenser for contactless hand washing

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Automatic soap dispensers enable contactless soaping – this way you can prevent germs from spreading quickly.

Many devices work with batteries, but some are also rechargeable via USB.

You just fill in liquid soap and you can start washing your hands.

The best contactless soap dispensers at a glance

Because of the corona crisis, we have all learned how to wash hands at the surgeon level – not only the duration and the scrubbing technique are important, it is also important not to contaminate the freshly cleaned hands with the dirty soap dispenser again . This is where automatic soap dispensers with sensors come into play – they always dispense the right amount of soap and you can avoid the spread of bacteria and viruses.

The best contactless soap dispenser in the overall ranking


Precise, fast and hygienic: The automatic soap dispenser from VEEAPE * is highly recommended, because it dispenses reliable and quiet liquid soap as soon as your hand is held under the infrared sensor. Even the foam quality can be adjusted to your own needs. It is operated with three AA batteries.

Automatic soap dispenser from VEEAPE – 37.99 euros at Amazon *

The best automatic soap dispenser with USB


Do you want to save yourself and the environment from changing batteries? Then choose a rechargeable device like the automatic soap dispenser from RXYYOS *. Charging via USB is enough for three months of use.

Rechargeable soap dispenser by RXYYOS – € 37.99 at Amazon *

The best contactless soap dispenser for families


Do you want to encourage your children to wash their hands more often? Then the sweet, contactless soap dispenser from Cocoda * could be an option for you. Simply put your hands together under the little pork snout and catch the soap foam.

Automatic soap dispenser from Cocoda – 29.99 euros at Amazon *

Automatic soap dispenser – the purchase is worthwhile

Since the outbreak of the corona pandemic, hygiene has been a top priority. So you don’t have to touch the soap dispenser if you come from shopping, visiting a doctor or going for a walk – by purchasing an automatic dispenser with a sensor. In this way, the whole family can help ensure that your own home remains as safe as possible.


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