The best chat programs to download

Whether chatting encrypted, combining many messengers, or chatting via video chat – these programs offer something for everyone.

Microsoft buried Windows Live Messenger. Yahoo switched off the instant messenger. Yet these once popular programs are just two of many. Internet users have been chatting with each other since the dawn of the Web. The formerly common IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is still used by many today and accordingly you will also find representatives of this classic chat in our download gallery. IRC is text based. If you like to have a video picture of your counterpart in front of you, you can use one of our video chat programs. In addition to Skype, there is a surprisingly large selection of free programs. Can’t make up your mind and are easily overwhelmed by the large selection? No problem – with multi-messengers like Pidgin you can bundle most of the common chat programs in one tool. The popular messenger service WhatsApp can also be used on the computer. To do this, however, you still need a smartphone on which WhatsApp is installed and connected to a telephone number.

There are also some specialists among the chat programs that are aimed at PC gamers, for example. The game platform Steam has integrated its own chat. As a communication platform, Discord is particularly popular with gamers, as it offers group voice chats as well as a kind of community through which players can be found.

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