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The best comedy series for more fun in everyday life

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  • Laughter is good and lifts the mood.
  • Comedy series offer you entertaining entertainment – with guaranteed laughs.
  • We present you five series that will surely lift your spirits on bad days.

Roberto Blanco taught us a little bit of fun. And what is fun? A good series that brings a lot of humor. We think all different things are funny, but comedy series hit the bullseye with many. So sit back, get a bowl of popcorn and enjoy these series with guaranteed laughter.

Good Omens ”

What is it about The series is based on a novel by Neil Gaiman and is also very faithful to the book template. However, the producers have moved the plot from the year the novel was published (1990) to that of the shooting (2018) – which of course leads to some differences. The main characters are the demon Crowley and the angel Aziraphale, who have grown accustomed to life on earth over time. Now they must prevent the Antichrist from ringing the end of the world and the struggle between heaven and hell …

Where can you watch the series?

You can find the first (and so far only) season on Amazon Prime Video *


What is it about “Friends” is a real classic among sitcoms – and rightly so. You dive into the chaotic life of friends Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler and Ross. Rachel has just left her wedding and met Monica, her best friend from high school. The two friends move in and Monica’s brother Ross, who has had a weakness for Rachel for a long time, tries to tell her that (while his ex-lesbian wife is pregnant by him).

Where can you watch the series?

All ten seasons are available on Amazon Prime Video *

“How I Met Your Mother”

What is it about Ted Mosby tells his children in 2030 how he met their mother. The story begins in New York in 2005. Ted is 27 years old, has just finished his architecture studies and works in an office. He lives with his best friend Marshall, who is studying law and has been with kindergarten teacher Lily for nine years. The three are friends with Barney, who is a notorious womanizer and wants to teach Ted how to tear women open. This is how the two get to know Robin, which messes up Ted’s life enormously. The consequences revolve around the lives of the characters – drama, fun and strange events are guaranteed.

Where can you watch the series?

“The Big Bang Theory”

What is it about The series is all about the lives of roommates Leonard and Sheldon. They get to know their new neighbor Penny and Leonard is completely blown away – which causes a lot of furor in the shared apartment. The trio is complemented by Howard and Rajesh – who work with Leonard and Sheldon as physicists (and mechanics, respectively). You can expect many science fiction discussions, comic conventions, relationship dramas and weird situations.

Where can you watch the series?

“The Nanny”

What is it about Bridal saleswoman Fran loses both her home and her job when her fiancé and boss cheat on her and put her out the door. By chance she comes to an interview for a job as a nanny and gets the job. She becomes the nanny of the children of a widowed Broadway producer who initially cannot cope with Frans’ relaxed lifestyle. You will see how Fran teases the fine New York society and manages to win the hearts of the children she cares for, despite all the pitfalls.

Where can you watch the series?

Watch all six seasons on Amazon Prime Video *


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