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The best Dutch war films on Netflix about WWII

On May 4, it is tradition for many Dutch people to watch films about the Second World War after the Remembrance Day for some extra awareness. These are the best Dutch war films currently on Netflix.
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Dutch war films on Netflix

There are many good and impressive war films on Netflix, but with regard to Dutch content about the Second World War, the offer is currently quite limited. These three movies are worth watching now anyway.

1. Riphagen

This time not a film about resistance fighters or other heroes, but about a wrong Dutchman. Or rather: a criminal who made money during the Second World War. Riphagen tells the story of Andries Riphagen, who blackmailed Jews in hiding and was responsible for hundreds of deaths.

Jeroen van Koningsbrugge plays the leading role in this true story and credit where credit is due: he does it quite well. It is one of the best Dutch war films of recent years. Later there was also a series, for which the same images were used as in the film. Only extra film material was used for that series, which can be seen on NPO Start.
Riphagen can now be seen on Netflix.

2. Süskind

In 1942, the German Jew Walter Süskind (played by Jeroen Spitzenberger), living in Amsterdam, decides to become an employee of the Jewish Council. This is to be exempt from deportation for the time being. He becomes manager of the Hollandsche Schouwburg, where Jews are held prisoner while awaiting transport to camp Westerbork.

At one point, Süskind becomes remorseful about his cooperation in the deportation of other Jews, especially after he learns that they are being gassed in Poland. In his role he decides to help children go into hiding and escape, but how long can he keep up appearances for his colleagues? Süskind is certainly not one of the best-known Dutch war films, but the story is gripping and the acting is good.
Süskind can now be seen on Netflix.

3. Banker of resistance

Then a story about a banker who turned out to be a hero in the background during World War II. The film will be presented with Gijs van Hall as the narrator. After the Second World War, he tells the Dutch government how he and his brother Walraven financed the Dutch resistance, at the risk of their own life.

The film deviates from reality on a few points, and that resulted in the necessary criticism. But if you can see through that, it is an exciting Dutch war film that looks good. In any case, it won’t be the star cast. This includes Jacob Derwig, Barry Atsma, Pierre Bokma and Raymond Thiry.
Banker of resistance can now be seen on Netflix.

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The best Dutch war films on Netflix about WWII


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