The best e-scooter deals on Prime Day

The Amazon Prime Day with many offers is approaching. There are already some good prices for e-scooters. All information can be found here.

Amazon Prime Day, one of the biggest online sales events of the year, is fast approaching. It starts on Wednesday July 12th and runs until midnight on July 13th. There will be plenty of attractive offers from all categories during the 2-day bargain campaign for Prime members. We expect that some popular e-scooters will also be among them. At least that’s what our experience from the last few years allows.

All e-scooters on Amazon

But even before Prime Day, Amazon and other shops are reducing prices for e-scooters. Below we show the current best offers. All scooters presented here are street legal for Germany. Before you can hit the road with your purchased e-scooter, you still have to insure it.

Xiaomi Mi Scooter: we expect big discounts for Prime Day 2022

On Prime Day last year, you could buy e-scooter models from the Chinese brand Xiaomi at rock-bottom prices. The e-scooter

Xiaomi Mi Scooter Pro 2

street legal, there was a 23 percent discount for 449 euros. The scooter currently costs 580 euros on Amazon, which is 131 euros more than the Prime Day offer. If you are interested in the Mi Pro 2, it is better to wait until Prime Day to buy it. It can be assumed that it will also be reduced this year (no guarantee). The same applies to the simpler Xiaomi model with a slightly shorter range, the e-scooter

Xiaomi Scooter Mi 1S


Xiaomi Mi Scooter Pro 2 on Amazon

Xiaomi Mi Scooter 1S on Amazon

A German manufacturer could also sell its e-scooter cheaper on Prime Day via Amazon. Of the

Bluewheel design electric scooter

was on sale for a short time last month, early June. Back then at a best price of 411 euros instead of 598 euros (standard price in June). The currently advertised price is 549 euros. Amazon offers one

30 euro discount voucher

which can be redeemed upon purchase. You can already save 79 euros compared to the normal price when you buy the Bluewheel e-scooter. However, the price may be reduced further for Prime Day!

BLUEWHEEL Design E-Scooter at Amazon for 519 euros (with voucher)

Current offers for e-scooters

BLUEWHEEL 10″ design e-scooter

The quality scooter from Germany with the blue tires has good reviews on Amazon. Weighing only 13.5 kilograms, it is unusually light. However, some buyers complain that the actual range is less than stated.

BLUEWHEEL Design E-Scooter at Amazon for 519 euros (with voucher)

Ninebot KickScooter MAX G30D II by Segway

The Segway e-scooter has been rated well in many tests – not least because of its long range of up to 65 kilometers. We also recommend the Ninebot Max G30D II in our purchase guide. At Amazon he is currently with

10 percent discount

offered. Unfortunately, it has a delivery time of 1 to 2 months there.

Ninebot KickScooter MAX G30D at Amazon for 789 euros

The retailer Cyberport, on the other hand, delivers immediately:

Ninebot KickScooter MAX G30D at Cyberport for 799 euros (plus shipping)

SOFLOW SO4 Pro electric scooter

The SFlow e-scooter is currently on sale at Amazon and Mediamarkt. With a 500 watt motor, the speedster has a lot of power and also manages climbs effortlessly.

SOFLOW SO4 Pro at Amazon for 750 euros instead of 850 euros

SOFLOW SO4 Pro at Mediamarkt for 750 euros instead of 850 euros

The device can be obtained even cheaper from Cosse:

SOFLOW SO4 Pro at Cosse for 729 euros instead of 850 euros

NIU Electric Scooter – KQi3 Sport or Pro

The Niu KQi3 Sport e-scooter has a 300-watt motor and a long range of up to 40-50 kilometers. The Pro model is slightly more powerful and comes with a 350 watt motor. There is one on Amazon today

50 euros voucher

which can be redeemed when purchasing the sports version.

NIU electric scooter – KQi3 Sport at Amazon for 649 euros (with voucher)

The KQi3 Sport is even cheaper at Proshop:

NIU electric scooter – KQi3 Sport at Proshop for 603 euros

Mega Motion electric scooter

The Mega Motion Scooter has a range of 35 kilometers. At 8.5 inches, its tires are slightly smaller than the other models shown here and are made of rubber. The description says that this e-scooter is particularly suitable for young people. There is currently one

60 euro discount vouchers

at Amazon. However, the e-scooter was even cheaper a few weeks ago than it is now. The price at the time was 365 euros.

Mega Motion e-scooter for 390 euros at Amazon (with voucher)

The best electric scooters / kick scooters of 2022

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