The best endless runners for iOS and Android

While many games live from a comprehensive story, a story that has to be followed carefully is not always suitable, especially for spontaneous gaming in between.

Once a new storyline is recorded, it is difficult to hear it stop right in the middle. This is where the endless runners come in. Although there is less story emphasis here, we get plenty of entertainment for both short and long sessions.

While some endless runners rely on very similar mechanics and only adapt the worlds, there is also a lot of variety in this genre. From escaping the zombie apocalypse to exploring Mars, there is a lot to choose from.

Mars: Mars

While many endless runners rely on actual running and a first-person perspective, Mars takes a completely different approach here. On behalf of the fictional company MarsCorp, we have to explore the secrets of the red planet. In the role of a little Mars astronaut, it is important for us to advance as far as possible with the spacesuit.

When filled with fuel, this suit helps us to hover through the Martian atmosphere. The greatest challenges at Mars, however, are not dangerous opponents that we must fight along the way. Instead, getting ahead, flying, and landing is our biggest problem. Thanks to our spacesuit, we can float through the air for a limited time in order to get from one platform to the next.

The fuel can then be refueled on each platform in order to be able to continue flying. Objects like palm trees also act as a kind of jumppad and support us in our progress. Especially when fuel is scarce, they can become saviors. In contrast, exploding objects should be circumnavigated extensively so as not to end our run prematurely.

Mars: Mars is available for free on iOS and Android.

Into the Dead 2

If you need a little more thrill when running endlessly, Into the Dead 2 is in good hands. The Endless Runner not only provides a cool graphic work-up, but also a lot of variety. Into the Dead 2 offers the scenario of a zombie apocalypse. Based on The Walking Dead, we are in constant competition with the undead who would like to eat us right away.

At the beginning in Into the Dead we walk alone and unarmed through fields and forests, occasionally zombies cross our path who wound us or want to stop us. There are also obstacles to go around on the way, which create additional problems for us during our escape. If the zombie masses get bigger, the use of aids will be necessary at some point. So we occasionally come across weapons and objects lying around that we can use in combat.

These include, for example, revolvers, chainsaws or even a dog that accompanies us and clears zombies out of the way. In contrast to many other endless runners, there is a theoretical story here that can be explored. Through strong rounds, we also collect rewards that help us slaughter zombies. Basically, Into the Dead 2 also runs infinitely long and has no real end.

Into the Dead 2 is available for free on iOS and Android.

Crossy Road

Crossy Road has blossomed into one of the most popular endless runners on mobile devices within a very short time. The game combines simple game mechanics with lovely graphics and high entertainment value. In Crossy Road we choose our character from a range of animals. In addition to the standard selection, the chicken, there are cats, dogs, koalas and a few other animals.

Depending on the season, the developers also bring some special characters. If we are happy with our choice, we can jump right into it. We maneuver the character through the world by simply tapping or swiping to the left and right. You have to cross roads, railroad crossings and rivers while maintaining the pace at the same time.

If we are not careful, our run ends quickly on the street. Crossy Road has no sidequests and doesn’t make a living from collecting coins. The only important thing here is to get as far as possible.

Crossy Road is available for free on iOS and Android.

The Altos range

When it comes to the best endless runners, the two Alto’s parts, Alto’s Adventure and Alto’s Odyssey, must of course not be missing. The two award-winning games are certainly among the less demanding endless runners, but they live from their unique charm. The game itself is very easy to control.

Our figure slides through the many different worlds on snowboards or skis, with tapping and swiping gestures it is important to avoid the various obstacles or to jump over them. In the Alto’s parts, success is defined by the height or width of the jumps. By fulfilling requirements, we then receive additional rewards, which among other things enable further jumps.

Basically, Alto’s doesn’t live from the challenges. Instead, it is the beautiful landscapes in combination with the harmonious soundscape that make playing an experience. If you want to immerse yourself completely, you can also switch to Zen mode, which removes obstacles and no longer shows any distances. Instead, we can just let ourselves into the atmosphere.

Alto’s Odyssey (iOS, 5.49 euros | Android, free) and Alto’s Adventure (iOS, 5.49 euros | Android, free) are available in the respective app stores.

Sonic Dash 2

Sega’s blue hedgehog, Sonic, is also represented with its own endless runner on mobile devices. Sonic Dash 2 is one of the classic endless runners that is often used in the free-to-play area. Equipped with countless maps, we have to avoid obstacles, collect points and master different levels.

Sonic Dash 2 relies on third-person and allows you to change your perspective while you are running so that you can keep track of things even in tricky situations. There are basically three lanes that we can switch by swiping left and right. Obstacles such as barricades, fallen trees and bombs can be avoided either by changing to another lane or by jumping.

During the runs, besides Sonic, we can also use other characters such as Knuckles or Amy who have their own special skills. At the end of a level, boss fights await us, which add variety to the endless race.

Sonic Dash 2 is available for free on iOS and Android.


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