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When it comes to choice, fans of puzzle fun can hardly complain. The app stores are filled with story games, classic puzzle games such as Sudoku and one or two adventure puzzles. The so-called escape games are particularly popular. Here we play in the vast majority of cases in rooms or houses that we have to leave again by solving puzzles. While many games from this category rely on the mysterious dark room in their scenario, there is also a wide selection of escape games that offer a lot of variety.

Cube Escape: Paradox

In the role of the detective Dale Vandermeer, we are kidnapped and locked in a seemingly ordinary room. With no memories of his past, the detective is forced to take part in a ruthless game hosted by an old adversary. Based on the Saw films, video sequences are played over and over again, with which the kidnapper initiates new games or mocks his victim.

Across the room, it has hidden countless puzzles that are gradually more complicated to find and harder to solve. The clips make Cube Escape an entertaining mix of game and short film. The composition of an exciting soundtrack, hand-painted scenes and varied puzzles ensures many hours of puzzling fun.

Cube Escape: Paradox is available for free on iOS and Android.

The room

Now published in several parts, The Room is a must for many fans of escape games. Each part consists of a room with an incredible number of details that need to be explored. The Room always has different levels ready for us, into which we have to immerse ourselves in order to be able to solve further puzzles. Pyramids, boxes or dollhouses, which represent their own levels, have to be solved as part of further puzzles.

Every single element in The Room lives from the many small details. Just looking at the individual objects in a room is an occupation in itself. When it comes to difficulty, the game hardly holds back. While some puzzles are quick and easy, others require a lot of brains and time. Above all, the constantly changing mechanics mean that no two puzzles are the same.

The Room (1.09 euros | iOS | Android), The Room Old Sins (5.49 euros | iOS | Android), The Room Two (2.29 euros | iOS | Android) and The Room Three (4.49 euros | iOS | Android) are available in the respective stores.

The House of Da Vinci

Fans of the Room series who are desperately waiting for a new installment will get their money’s worth at The House of Da Vinci. Here we dive into the world of Leonardo Da Vinci. Now that the polymath can no longer be found, it is up to us to solve the mystery behind his disappearance. In the role of his loyal subordinate, we scour his workplace for clues.

We come across countless puzzles, hidden objects and inventions. The challenging puzzles are all based on the inventions of Leonardo Da Vinci. Each puzzle has its own mechanics that need to be solved over and over again. Graphically, The House of Da Vinci can no longer quite keep up with the latest games. However, this does not detract from the fun.

The House of Da Vinci is available for EUR 5.49 for iOS and Android.


While classic escape games are based on similar concepts, Nox brings a bit of variety with a mixture of different genres. In a modern mansion with the look of a doll’s house, there are countless varied puzzles to solve, which demand everything from us. Logical thinking, detective work and a lot of patience are required at Nox. The puzzles are often not just spread over one room, but over the entire house.

Not only combinatorics, but also a good memory is an advantage here. Due to our own 3D view, we have to look at puzzles again and again from several perspectives in order to find the possibly decisive clue. In this way, not only the rooms, but also objects can be viewed down to the smallest detail.

Simply turning an object over can help solve a riddle. Thanks to a few mini-games, Nox not only offers challenging puzzles, but also entertaining entertainment in between.

Nox is available free of charge for iOS and Android.

Escape Titanic

In 1912 the passenger ship Titanic collided with an iceberg and sank. In Escape Titanic we slip into the role of a passenger who has to escape the sinking ship. The game throws us into a room unprepared.

Without a tutorial or other instructions, we have to find solutions to countless puzzles. On our escape it is necessary to turn all rooms, including the objects in them, upside down. Every box, every chest of drawers and every object, no matter how small, must be examined. Only thanks to the combination of various objects and the constant solving of puzzles can we slowly work our way towards the deck and thus to the rescue.

The puzzles themselves require concentration, but are not necessarily among the hardest of the genre. In terms of optics, Escape Titanic is not necessarily one of the most serious games. Nevertheless, the game offers entertaining puzzle fun for in between.

Escape Titanic is available for free on iOS and Android.

The Birdcage

The story behind The Birdcage is rather unconventional. After a king’s son died in a hiking accident, the father locked his favorite birds in cages. The result was unrest and chaos around the world. Our job is to free the birds from their cages in order to restore peace on earth.

The entire game takes place in and around the cages. Despite the relatively small game world, there are plenty of puzzles or riddles to be solved. While mechanical puzzles around the cages dominate, some tasks simply require patience. The Birdcage doesn’t necessarily stand out with particularly high-quality graphics. Thanks to our own AR feature, we can project the cages into the real world and thus give the game world its own touch.

The Birdcage is available for free on iOS and Android.

The Escapist: Prison Break

In contrast to many other escape games, graphic details are not the focus of The Escapist. Instead, the colorful 8-bit game relies on an exciting and at the same time humorous story that we have to master. As the name suggests, we take on the role of a prisoner who wants to break out of prison at all costs.

During our stay we have to find clues and objects to help us with the breakout. Our own crafting menu enables us to create useful items from found objects. While we are constantly on the lookout, we must remain as inconspicuous as possible at the same time.

For example, we can participate in the prisoners’ daily routines so as not to alert the guards to us. If we get along well with fellow prisoners, we can also found a gang with them. If we feel ready for the outbreak, we can start. But we only have one try.

The Escapist: Prison Break is available for 5.49 euros for iOS and Android.


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