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The best food storage containers for your Meal Prep Monday

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Are you constantly looking for storage space for the remains of your dinner? Or did you cook in advance so that you have something for the next lunch break? Then you have certainly landed here because you want to find out more about food storage containers. Because it keeps your food fresher longer in the fridge (and on the go). They are also perfect for transporting your meals. You can also find out here which five things you can do right at meal prep.

Food storage container
made of glass, plastic or stainless steel?

Food storage containers
there are many and you are spoiled for choice. So there are sets, different ones
Sizes and, above all, different materials. Plastic cans are the most common.
But to protect the environment and your own health, more and more
People on more sustainable and guaranteed not harmful to health
Materials like stainless steel, glass or even bamboo.

Plastic cans are useful because they are light and won’t break
can. That is why they are particularly popular as a break box. Besides, they are
mostly cheaper. However, they discolour quickly and can contain pollutants
Plasticizers and give off an unpleasant taste to their contents.

is not the case with food storage containers made of glass. You don’t just see
of higher quality, they are also free of harmful substances and plasticizers.
In addition, they do not discolour and do not give off any taste or smell. For that are
but they are expensive, heavy and fragile.

Stainless steel cans are also safe, pollutant-free and sustainable. They’re lightweight, which is perfect for on the go. However, they are not 100 percent leak-proof, so that dry foods such as sandwiches or vegetables can be transported in them. Since they are not completely airtight, the smell of the contents can spread in the refrigerator or in the bag.

to freeze food storage containers or put in the microwave?

a food storage container is suitable for the freezer or the microwave,
differs from model to model. Basically, almost all food storage containers can be used
freeze. Stainless steel cans have nothing to look for in the microwave, there
this could cause sparks to form in the device And also with plastic cans
you should be careful. If they get too hot, they can produce toxic fumes
submit. Really harmless in the freezer and the microwave are only
Food storage containers made of glass.

best food storage containers

We can particularly recommend food storage containers? We’ll provide you three
Food storage containers made of (BPA-free) plastic, glass and stainless steel in front of which
In our opinion you absolutely cannot go wrong.

this article:

best plastic food storage container

Food Clip & Close from Emsa – 13.49 euros on Amazon *

When it comes to food storage containers made of BPA-free plastic, the Food Clip & Close containers from Emsa * are a good choice. They are airtight, leak-proof, dishwasher-safe and suitable for the microwave and the freezer. The cans are available in a set in different sizes and colors. Since the plastic food storage containers are also very light, they are perfect if you take your own lunch with you to the office (for example, the set with three one-liter cans is suitable). There are more than 2,400 five-star ratings * on Amazon (average: 4.7 stars). However, according to some customers, the lids are prone to defects, especially in the microwave.

Food Clip & Close food storage containers from Emsa at a glance:

benefits: Price, available in a set, BPA-free, light
disadvantage: Lid not properly microwaveable

The best food storage container made of glass

Fresh storage containers made of glass by Lock & Lock – from 21.90 euros on Amazon *

If you’d rather do without plastic, we recommend the Lock & Lock * glass food storage containers. The parts cannot do without plastic either (the lid is made of BPA-free plastic), but at least the jars are made of high-quality borosilicate glass. This makes them heat and cold resistant and can even be put in the oven (without a lid, of course). Thanks to their silicone seal, they are airtight and relatively leak-proof. The food storage containers are available in a practical set in square or round and large or small. They are so pretty to look at that you can not only keep your food fresh in them, but also serve them to your guests. And because the set is dishwasher-safe, you don’t have to worry about cleaning afterwards. No wonder that Amazon has earned more than 4.5 stars * for it (based on 81 reviews).

Lock & Lock’s glass food storage containers in one

benefits: suitable for oven, design
disadvantage: Lid made of plastic

The best stainless steel food storage containers

Two-layer lunch box and snack box from Eco Brotbox – 25.71 euros at Amazon *

The stainless steel food storage containers from Eco Brotbox * are particularly sustainable and completely free of plastic. It is an environmentally and health-friendly alternative to boxes made of plastic or glass. However, the boxes from Eco Brotbox are intended more as break boxes for work, university or school, they are not really suitable as food storage containers. This is because they are not completely airtight and leakproof. And unfortunately they are also nothing for the microwave and freezer. Cleaning in the dishwasher or by hand is relatively uncomplicated. The cans are available in different sizes and designs, but unfortunately they are not available as a set, which makes them quite expensive.

The Eco Brotbox at a glance:

benefits: sustainable, fairly produced, plastic-free, ideal as a lunch box, stainless steel is tasteless and free of harmful substances
disadvantage: not available as a set, expensive, not suitable for long-term storage of food

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