The best free cloud storage from Germany

Free cloud storage with server location in Germany: We present online storage that is subject to German data protection. These include an insider tip and a provider whose name does not immediately make you think of online storage. But which offers 30 GB for free.

Online storage, also known as cloud storage, comes in handy. You can access your data from any desktop PC, notebook, tablet or smartphone via the Internet. And make these files available to his friends and colleagues. Simply upload the vacation photos to the cloud and send the link to friends. Or store your favorite music as MP3s centrally in the cloud and then listen to them anywhere and anytime without clogging your smartphone’s memory. Best of all, most cloud storage is free. And you don’t have to use Google Drive, Microsoft Onedrive or Dropbox. No, there are also many free cloud storages in Germany such as E-Post Cloud, Magenta Cloud, or



Click here for our detailed presentation of the best free online storage from Germany on the second page of this article
                                            . On this (first) page, however, we explain what you should pay attention to when choosing an online storage.

Cloud storage: Store particularly important files offline

But this freedom comes at a price: your data is stored on third-party servers and is transferred through the Internet when uploading and downloading. Therefore, you should a) not really save “vital” files on the web at all. But backups of it

                                                                                                                                        external hard drives

                                                                                                                                        USB sticks
                                             make and keep them in different locations. Of course, you encrypt the data media or files.

Strong encryption is important for cloud storage

All other files that you often or need to use while on the go or on different devices can be stored on cloud storage. But be sure to encrypt all important files before uploading them. When encrypting you should take care that ideally

                                                                                                                                        AES-256 bit
                                            is used. Important: The data must already be encrypted on the user’s client. And the cloud operator must not have a key to decrypt the data.

Secure password and two-factor authentication

Use to access your cloud storage

                                                                                                                                        a strong password.
                                             If you use strong encryption and a strong password, then your data should at the current discretion be secure against unauthorized use.

Very important: Use two-factor authentication to protect your access, if your cloud provider offers it.

Server location of cloud storage in Germany? That speaks for it

In addition to hackers and data thieves who are not impressed by the location of a server and the data protection regulations that apply to it, state security bodies also represent a possible danger to your data. Privacy is a fundamental right, even if you have nothing to hide, you do not have to include anyone in your private data let look.

Since the NSA and its cooperating secret services like the British GCHQ obviously show the greatest data rage and show them the

                                                                                                                                        Patriot Act
                                             that also allows it makes sense not to choose the server location in the USA. With which OneDrive from Microsoft, Google Drive, Dropbox and also Box and of course on iCloud from Apple can be eliminated as cloud storage. The CJEU held a long time ago in a ruling that personal data of European citizens

                                                                                                                                        are not adequately protected from state access in the United States.

But there are also other reasons that speak against a server location in the USA: The marketing intentions of US companies. Google’s business principle is based on the fact that the data of its users is the business. If you do not want your files uploaded to the cloud to be used for corporate purposes, you should avoid US servers right from the start because of the often very weak data protection regulations in the USA.

                                                                                                                                        Facebook wrote here some time ago:
                                             “We use the information we have about you – including information about your interests, actions, and connections – to select and personalize the advertisements, offers, and other sponsored content that we show you.”

So if you want to keep the NSA and other US security authorities at least to some extent from your data, you should host your files with a company whose servers are in Germany and which are subject to German data protection regulations. Nevertheless, you should also encrypt all files there before uploading. Firstly, German authorities can also access data if there is a judicial decision.

                                                                                                                                        The Federal Intelligence Service BND in particular has intensified its cyber espionage activities.

Secondly, you can never rule out whether the NSA will somehow gain access. Third, the servers located in Germany can also be easily hacked.

                                                                                                                                        Example 1blu, which has been around for a long time, proves that this risk can definitely become a reality.
                                             By choosing a cloud storage in Germany, you only reduce the risk of foreign sniffers sniffing your data, but you do not have absolute security with it.

US companies with an optional server location in Germany

Dropbox tries to counter the distrust of the server location in the US by

                                                                                                                    Offers corporate customers or professional users,
                                            save their data on servers in Germany (this offer is not available for private users). Dropbox uses the resources of Amazon Web Services in the Frankfurt data center for this.

Competitor Box also follows this path; this principle is called there

                                                                                                                                        Box zones.
                                             Box also uses Amazon Web Services for this, together with the IBM Cloud. The server location for this is also in Frankfurt am Main. With box zones, e.g. Even in Ireland, Singapore & Japan, regional laws and regulations can be safely met, as the US company affirms. Box stores the data of local users according to German regulations and thus fulfills the data protection laws applicable in this country, according to Box.

Important: The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been in force in the EU since May 25, 2018.

It applies not only to companies and authorities from within the EU, but also to companies from outside Europe such as Apple, Facebook or Google if they offer goods or services in the EU and use data from European citizens. You can read more about this in:

GDPR – consumers need to know that now.

Cloud storage can quickly disappear



                                                                                                                                        Online storage provider
                                             can disappear at any time. Because he is going bankrupt. Or recognizes that the business is not worthwhile and abandons this business area without further ado. Like the Gigabank or

                                                                                                                                        Ubuntu One
                                             show that Canonical discontinued on June 1, 2014. Other such online storage settings are Wuala, Cloudsafe and Younited from F-Secure. Hidrive Free (formerly Strato) was also discontinued in spring 2020.

Therefore, save the most important data on an external hard drive, which you keep in a safe place.

On the next page we present cloud storage or online storage with a server location in Germany

. These online storage services are free, at least in the standard version. The German data protection regulations apply to them.


We did not include providers such as alias Neue Medien Münnich in our compilation because it is a website host. We have also omitted online storage such as Vodafone’s if it is only available to users of the company’s Internet access.

For comparison, so that you can classify the size of the online storage with the following German providers:

Google Drive provides 15 GB by default (which includes the storage space used by Google Mail), Dropbox only has 2 GB, but it does

                                                                                                                                        let various tricks expand.
                                             Microsoft Onedrive offers 5 GB of free cloud storage, as does Apple with the iCloud.

Cloud storage comparison:

On the next page we will introduce you to the best online storage from Germany.


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