The best free downloads for your Fritzbox

Firefox add-on, Windows gadget, call monitor – with these free tools, Fritzbox users always have everything in view. One of the programs makes surfing safer.

The Fritzbox is one of the most popular routers among our readers and already offers many functions by default. But with these freeware programs you can get even more out of your Fritzbox!

In our download gallery you will not only find one-click tools for the Fritzbox. The call monitor logs all incoming and outgoing calls via a telephone connected to the Fritzbox. If you like, you can view statistics on telephony behavior and thus analyze whether the current contract with regard to telephony is appropriate or should be reconsidered. The program also comes with an address book and various extensions.

Fritzbox program increases surfing security

The Fritz remote access is practical for on the go. The tool establishes a VPN connection to the Fritzbox at home, so that you can surf relatively safely from your hotel room via the Fritzbox at home. Curious eavesdroppers on the line are locked out.

All of the tools mentioned can be found in the download gallery above.

Fritzbox login – this is how you open the router menu

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