The best free downloads from Avira

Chasing rootkit malware, fixing problems, undoing malware manipulations – these specialists have one thing in common: They come from the same company as Avira Free Antivirus.

The German software manufacturer Avira is known for its free virus hunter Free Antivirus. In the PC-WELT download charts, the freeware is consistently in the top 10 with download numbers in the double-digit million range. Few people know that Avira also develops other programs in addition to the free and paid versions of its antivirus tools. We have collected the best downloads from Avira. Bet you don’t know them all yet?

Unlike Free Antivirus, the other Avira tools are specialists that have been programmed for a specific purpose. For example, Avira DNS-Repair takes care of DNS settings manipulated by malware. Many only became aware of the problem of DNS malware when a check website found tens of thousands of infected computers. The malware “DNS Changer” changed the PC settings in such a way that the victims were unintentionally and automatically redirected to dangerous websites while surfing.

Avira has also developed a rescue CD. If the PC no longer starts up, access the computer with the Avira AntiVir Rescue System and check it for viruses, for example. Advantage: It is much more difficult for malware to hide if the virus scanner comes from a bootable CD and is not anchored in Windows.

You can find more free versions of Avira in our download area

➤ Avira Free Antivirus

➤ Avira Internet Security Suite Trial

➤ Avira Free System Speedup Trial

➤ Avira Free Phantom VPN

➤ Avira Free Software Updater – here as a direct download

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