The best free media players for Windows

Videos or music, from hard drive or from the Internet: you need a suitable media player. We have put together the best free alternatives to Windows Media Player for you.

From dusty classics to the latest all-in-one player: there is something for everyone in our top list. We introduce you to free media players with which you can play Internet video files, DVDs and music MP3s at lightning speed without having to think about the necessary codecs.

The freeware

AIMP Classic

is, for example, the Russian counterpart to Winamp and can play all common audio formats. The free AIMP player enables playlists to be renamed automatically, to use a quick search and to make the main window transparent.


manages your music collection, rips your audio CDs and, if you wish, plays your pieces of music and radio streams from the Internet. The Java-based program plays the audio formats FLAC, MP3, OGG, WMA, WAV and MP4, among others can also handle internet radio streams. The music management includes a tag editor that can read and write MP3, OGG and WMA tags and also displays embedded images in ID3v2 tags.

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All media players are guaranteed to be free. Each program has its own advantages: For example, there is free media player software that you don’t even have to install. We have also discovered extremely resource-saving media players. With the tools you can, for example, sort a huge MP3 collection with just a few clicks or get TV channels from all over the world onto your desktop. These free media players take on Windows Media Player.

Some of the media players in our huge download gallery may no longer be available from the manufacturer / developer. So if, for example, you have to set up a new computer and want to install your familiar, beloved tool on it, you may even find what you are looking for in our gallery if the media player is no longer available on the manufacturer’s website.

Solve all codec problems with ease

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