The best free office tools

For home and for the company – these free programs make it easier to work with Office documents.

Whether in the company office or at home in the study – there are always jobs that can be done much more conveniently and quickly with small special tools than with the large Microsoft Office. You won’t find quite a few of the functions that these programs offer you free of charge in Microsoft’s Office, which is not exactly cheap. The just 1.5 MB specialist “Document Metadata Cleaner” ensures before sending or uploading a document that telltale traces that point to you or allow conclusions to be drawn about the processing are deleted.

“WriteMonkey”, on the other hand, relies on a deliberately minimalist interface that hides annoying mail notifiers, chat windows and annoying buttons. So you can concentrate on the text in peace. “PureText” is also very practical – the mini-program optionally removes annoying formatting when copying, so that you can continue working cleanly with the copied content. But not all of the tools presented here are limited to typing or arithmetic in Excel: “Active Presenter”, for example, records your screen activities. This is ideal for training or instruction.


You are not allowed to use every free tool professionally for free. Some developers allow free use only in the private sector. Currently there is only an optional business version of “Active Presenter”, “PDF-XChange Viewer”, “PDF Sam” and “PDF-Analyzer”. “WriteMonkey”, “Libre Office”, “Caliber” and “Dia” are also free in the job, but ask for a donation. Many developers even expressly allow not only private, but also commercial use. However, this information may already be obsolete with the next update – but the manufacturer usually points out very clearly if you have to purchase a license for the company. After all, he wants to earn money in this case.

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