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Which components are in the computer? How is the memory clocked, which Windows processes are running in the background? Diagnostic tools provide answers. We have put together the best free diagnostic tools.

There are many reasons why a computer slows down after a few months. One reason could be that the computer still has orphaned drivers or driver remnants that were left over when hardware was replaced. For example when changing from an Nvidia to an AMD graphics card. Alternatively, computers slow down if users uninstall applications incorrectly or do not maintain the registry. In such cases, you can easily examine hardware and software with diagnostic tools – and thus identify errors.


agnose tools: how hot does the chip of my graphics card get?

Unknown Device Identifier is, for example, a device manager that lists all the devices installed in your PC in detail. In this way you can see which drivers are still necessary. And Process Monitor monitors all system activities on your computer in the background in the areas of file system, registry database and processes / threads.

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