The best free spy tools to download

Who was at my computer, who was in the kitchen and how do I find out where exactly this photo was taken? We show tools for espionage and counter-espionage.

Regardless of whether you want to monitor your home with cameras while on vacation or whether you want to read from a photo where it was taken and which camera the photographer used – you will find the right free tool in our gallery. Conversely, you can protect yourself from spies with the right tools. By protecting your data appropriately and deleting it securely, for example.

With InSSIDer, which is unfortunately no longer free since a program update, you can scan all WiFi networks in the area, for example. The tool clearly lists numerous technical details – such as the type of encryption and the location. With InSSIDer you can also identify weak points in your own WLAN. With TCPView you stay in the network: The free program from Microsoft shows all incoming and outgoing connections. It is based on the command line tool Netstat, but offers a much more user-friendly view. With TCPView, for example, you can expose Trojans that secretly establish a connection.

USBDeview also hits the “espionage defense” notch. The tiny program tells you whether someone has connected a USB stick to your computer in your absence. For example, to steal data secretly – by pod slurping. USBDeview not only lists USB sticks, but also USB hard drives. It shows the serial number of the devices and the time of connection. Of course, it can’t name the owner. But at least you will then have important clues.

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The programs from the download gallery are legal in Germany – and harmless if you use them to protect your data. However, pay attention to the privacy of others, just as you want your privacy to be preserved!

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