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How fast is my SSD? How do I prepare the SSD for resale? These tools help with questions about your SSD.

An SSD differs from conventional hard drives in many ways. But it’s not just quick and quiet. SSDs also want to be treated differently than normal HDDs. For example, you don’t have to defragment the flash memory – after all, there is no read / write head as with conventional disks, which prefers data that is close to each other. So remove Defragmenter from the list of important programs if you are using an SSD for Windows. The free tool SSD Tweaker knows this and prevents, among other things, the automatic defragmentation under Windows. However, the small program also ensures that the SSD is not 100% full and thus the performance drops.

Another special feature of SSDs is the deletion of data. Due to the SSD structure, it cannot be 100% deleted. Background: The SSD consists of memory cells that can only be rewritten to a limited extent – according to the manufacturer, often several hundred thousand times. If the limit is reached, the affected cell can only be read. Overwriting with zeros to make the data illegible will then no longer work. Keep this in mind before reselling and have tools like Secure Erase go over the plate for the remaining cells. By the way: Manufacturers install invisible buffers – usually a few GB. As soon as a cell fails, one automatically jumps in from the buffer memory. This increases the lifespan of SSDs.

A considerable number of SSD tools are manufacturer-specific. Samsung and Intel, for example, offer their own tool packages for their SSDs for download. As a first step, you should therefore see who built your SSD. For example, with the free CrystalDiskInfo tool, which provides additional values ​​for your memory. Behind the manufacturer programs there is more than just a simple collection of information. For example, the Samsung SSD Magician Tool can tune Samsung SSDs, provide information about firmware updates and then help with the update.

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