The best free tools for your emergency CD

If the PC no longer starts, a stubborn virus has spread or your personal data can no longer be found, rescue CDs usually help. For the worst case, you will find the right tools in our picture gallery to get your system going again.

If the computer smears and does not start up, you will initially no longer have access to your data. In this case you should create a rescue CD for your system. The tools contained there work independently of the operating system. You save your valuable data collection with pictures, videos and Office files and in many cases the system can also be restored.

Create a rescue CD

No matter which emergency tools you choose, the creation of an emergency CD is always the same. First, download the ISO or Zip files to your hard drive. Then burn the data onto a blank disc. It is important that you write the data to the CD with an ISO-compatible burning program. A data CD cannot be run. Many tools can also be started from a USB stick.

System failure after virus attack

If your virus scanner has failed because a new, dangerous virus is making the rounds, a rescue CD with an integrated virus scanner will help you. Because the data on the CD cannot be attacked by the virus. To do this, you should first download the latest version of the manufacturer on a functioning computer. How to get the latest anti-virus definitions. In addition, the CD cannot be influenced by viruses

If you want to check your system with the external security software, start the system with the boot CD. This is also where the scanner software is located, which you can start from the CD. If the problem can be resolved and the operating system starts again, have the virus scanner software installed on your computer run a complete system check to be on the safe side. Make sure that it is up to date.

This is how your USB stick chases viruses

System rescue

Viruses aren’t always the problem. The boot CD will help you here, as it enables the system to be started and gives you access to the hard disks. In addition, the computer is checked and errors in the system can be repaired.

data backup

If neither an external virus scanner nor the system rescue tools help, the only option is often a new installation. Important and personal files are also deleted in the process. So that you can back them up beforehand, there are backup tools that will give you access to your data even without starting the system. To do this, first save your files, such as photos, videos and Office documents, on the hard drive or partition on which Windows will not be installed. You can then set up the system again in peace.

Ideally, you should make regular backups of your data. In the worst case, for example, if an irreparable hardware failure occurs on the hard drive, at least the majority of your data is in a safe haven.In the following picture gallery you will find the most important tools to keep your system from total failure or at least to save your data.

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