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Improve or secure an existing WLAN, find new WLANs: Small tools will help you quickly with these tasks. PC-WELT presents the best.

If you are on the move with a notebook or netbook, WLAN tools will help you, which scan the area for wireless networks. With the inSSIDer Office program, for example, they are listed much more conveniently and clearly than with the Windows standard tools. These WLAN search tools also help when it comes to optimally setting up your own WLAN: If the connection between the notebook and the WLAN router frequently breaks down, this may be due to the signal strength being too low with which the laptop is using the data from the WLAN Router receives. With the WLAN tools, you can display the signal strength and reposition the WLAN router or notebook for better reception.

All of the WLAN programs presented are also free of charge. They are not only more convenient than the Windows standard tools, but also help with problem solving, for example. How to use the Heatmapper to find out where your apartment offers the best WiFi reception and where it is still stalling. In the red areas you can then consider upgrading – for example with WLAN repeaters. Alternatively, set up the router differently – so that your home is covered as well as possible with WiFi signals.

Our tools also take care of the security of your WLAN connection. Because a good password is mandatory especially in the WLAN area, there are separate programs that support you in creating the perfect password. If you choose a password that is too short or too simple, hackers can crack it too easily and penetrate your WLAN. The security enhancers also include VPN tools that you can use to set up a tap-proof home connection in the hotel’s WLAN.

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