The best games of the 90s for iOS and Android

Street Fighter IV CE

Even the most famous fight franchise in the world can be found on the Smartphone play. The road to an acceptable gaming experience was rather rocky in the case of Street Fighter. Several versions appeared that were more or less convincing. But you could never be completely satisfied with the existing offer.

For example, Street Fighter IV supports widescreen on mobile devices for the first time, whereas earlier parts could only be played with black borders. A minimal change, but it has significantly improved the gaming experience. Apart from that, Capcom has also turned a few other screws. The Champion Editon largely uses existing assets, but has expanded them by several modules. So several new characters were added.

The models of the characters have been redesigned to better show on modern screens without losing the graphic character of the classic. The control system also prefers classic, rather than completely new approaches. The fighters are still controlled via virtual buttons or a joystick, which are discreetly displayed.

In terms of modes, Street Fighter IV offers, among other things, an arcade, a survival and a training mode. In addition, special challenges can be completed. There is also a multiplayer where you can fight against other players from all over the world.

Street Fighter IV CE is available for 5.49 euros for iOS and free of charge for Android.


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