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Graphics card unleashed: Your graphics card can do a lot more than you think. With these programs you can make the most of your graphics card.

Higher performance, more functions, better control and comprehensive information: you can use the programs, drivers and tools in this download picture gallery to make the most of your graphics card. Higher 3D performance and more functions are not only offered by the regular driver updates from graphics chip manufacturers AMD and Nvidia, which you should install regularly once a month.

With additional tools, you can increase the graphics chip and memory clock speed in a controlled manner. The programs constantly check whether the graphics card can withstand the thermal load until they reach the maximum possible operating frequency. In this way you can operate your graphics card at its performance limit without jeopardizing the stability.

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Clever programs unlock blocked and hidden functions of the graphics card and enable individual settings that the manufacturer did not provide. Smart tools analyze and monitor the heat development of the graphics chip and provide information about important properties and parameters of the graphics card.

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