The best mouse and keyboard tools

50 mouse pointers at the same time, everything automatically, click duels – these tools are not only fun, but also useful.

These programs complement the capabilities of your mouse and keyboard – sometimes useful and practical, sometimes fun and easy. Regardless of whether you are looking for new hotkeys or want to know how many kilometers your mouse covers per working day, you will find the right tool here. By the way, almost all programs from our gallery are free of charge.

AutoHotkey_L and MultiMouse clearly belong to the practical representatives of the keyboard and mouse tools. The latter allows 50 users to move their mouse pointer across the desktop at the same time. So that pure chaos doesn’t break out, each cursor is given a name tag and an administrator is allowed to direct the flow of users. Admittedly, you will hardly be able to use MultiMouse for private use on your desktop PC. But the tool has a right to exist for conferences, school classes or the company.

WhatPulse, on the other hand, is a pure fun tool. The program lets you compete against other users worldwide and measures who clicks the most with the mouse, who has the most keystrokes and who covers the longest distance across the screen with the mouse. If you can’t get used to the idea of ​​competition, you will learn more about yourself thanks to extensive statistics: How often have I circled the planet with the mouse? How much do I type a day?

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