The best portable apps to download

Whether Firefox, Thunderbird or PDF reader – portable tools save space on the hard drive and do not litter the system. They are also with you everywhere on the USB stick.

You cannot do without a certain program – such as the zip tool or the PDF reader – but do you use it far too rarely for it to be worth installing? Then use a portable application that you can store in the “My Documents” directory, for example!

Or are you often on the move and tired of keeping your programs up-to-date on all the computers you use? Portable applications on the USB stick are the solution!

The portable programs often weigh only a few MB and are also very suitable for leaving as few traces as possible on other computers. An example: You want to check your bank account while you are with friends. Simply connect the USB stick, start your own portable Firefox and use the portable on-screen keyboard to log in.

It’s a bit cumbersome, but safe from keyloggers. Anyone who uses such tools on friends’ PCs does not have to assume that they have bad intentions. But if your friend is not so careful with security updates, you will quickly find yourself in the ink if you use a PC without a USB stick.

The tools from the gallery are not only suitable for the USB stick, but also for the USB hard drive or cloud storage. For example, if you store the portable office program or the portable password safe in the Dropbox or in your Skydrive memory, you always have the tools with you. The only requirement: you have an online connection.

But there is another purpose for portable software, another reason for “portable” instead of “stationary”: Windows will thank you less for each installation with quick reactions and a brisk boot process – almost like on the first day.

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